Weddings, inaugurations, celebrations, private ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate parties: Every occasion has a meaning and a message different to communicate to those who take part.

The magical atmosphere of the wedding, or an equally special day, meet the emotions evoked by the olfactory sensation and project us within a sensory universe made of images, colors and above all perfumes.

A perfect communion of intent that combines the care of the particular in the wedding arrangements with the olfactory scenography that gives each event a unique emotional value that will remain imprinted forever in the memory of those who assist you. The olfactory emotion is the strongest and most primordial and completes the visual and auditory stimuli giving rise to a poly-sensory event. Because as Charles Baudelaire says “the scents, colors and sounds are answered.”

“Ciurì” is a project that celebrates the encounter between creativity, olfactory art and design.

Perfumers, tailors, potters and creatives who focus on Sicilianity as an identifying element and common denominator participate in the project.

From this encounter of multi-sensory creativity, a line of ceramic perfumers with a refined and original design by “Maluversu” is born.

We also make use of the imagination and professionalism of a team of creative seamstresses who create with scrupulous attention to detail, customizations and various combinations for wedding favors and arrangements.

To design your wedding or a special event in your life with style and originality, we offer you the support of an Olfactory Furnishing Consultant who will follow you with attention and cordiality, finding the most suitable solution for your every need, step by step to the realization of your dream.

An original and personalized imprint that will offer you and your guests unique and unforgettable sensory and olfactory experiences.

Our olfactory arrangements draw inspiration from Sicilianity, reinterpreting it and adapting it to the location, the type of event, the desired style, customizing the wedding scenographies in an absolutely exclusive and original way with our refined olfactory themes, which we love to call “Bouquet”.


The value of our wedding olfactory arrangements is the Perfume Bar, “Il Chiosco di Ciurì”, a meeting point for guests where they can experience an olfactory and emotional journey to discover the aromas and flavors of the Sicilian tradition.

Il Chiosco di Ciurì will offer you a pleasant and original multi-sensorial experience, combining the emotions of a refined olfactory journey with the pleasure of a delicate tasting of our “goodies”: candied ginger, dried or caramelized fruit, cinnamon sticks and delicious sugared almonds.

At the end of the olfactory path, guests will be honored with scented and personalized gadgets by Ciurì.

And to adapt to the prevention regulations about Covid 19 we provide our customers with original additions to your “welcome bags” or “wedding bags” with perfumed sanitizing spray and original themed masks.

With Ciurì it is immediately… Scent of Wedding !!!