Weddings, inaugurations, celebrations, private ceremonies, anniversaries, corporate parties: Every occasion has a meaning and a message different to communicate to those who take part.

The magical atmosphere of the wedding, or an equally special day, meet the emotions evoked by the olfactory sensation and project us within a sensory universe made of images, colors and above all perfumes.

A perfect communion of intent that combines the care of the particular in the wedding arrangements with the olfactory scenography that gives each event a unique emotional value that will remain imprinted forever in the memory of those who assist you. The olfactory emotion is the strongest and most primordial and completes the visual and auditory stimuli giving rise to a poly-sensory event. Because as Charles Baudelaire says “the scents, colors and sounds are answered.”

To design with style and originality your wedding or a special event of your life, we offer you the support of three professional figures: a Wedding & Event Designer, a Interior designer and a Olfactory furnishing Consultant.

Our staff will follow you with attention and cordiality finding the solution best suited to your every need, supporting step by step in the realization of your dream. The olfactory furnishing consultant will seal it giving an absolutely original and personalized imprint, guiding in the choice of fragrances, to offer to you and your guests special sensory and olfactory experiences that make your day special an unforgettable event.

Our olfactory arrangements, which we love to call “Bouquet“, they draw inspiration from the Sicilian, it and it to the location, the type of event, the desired style, customizing in an absolutely exclusive and original The wedding scenes.



Bouquet “Citrus fruits of Sicily”: It is recommended for lovers of chic country style and boho chic, but also for those who want a characterization of the Sicilian tradition.

This olfactory theme is suitable for any season.

The fragrances used: orange and vanilla, fig and mandarin, Mandarin, salted lemon.

Bouquet “City in Bloom”: Recommended for those who love urban, classic or modern architecture, whether they prefer the luxury style or the minimal style.

This olfactory theme is suitable for any season.

The fragrances used: Jasmine and amber, fig and tangerine, spring of Sicily, orange blossom and neroli.

Bouquet “Mediterranean”: Recommended for those who love the sea-themed environments, to be proposed in conjunction with the styles country chic, shabby chic, luxury and minimal.

This olfactory theme is preferable in the summer season.

A unique and original fragrance characterizes and best represents our “bouquet”: Mediterranean (mint, star anise, lemon blossom, sea water).

Bouquet “Sciara of Etna”: Recommended for those who love the country chic style or the minimal chic style and more generally to all those who dream of warm and intimate atmospheres.

This olfactory theme is preferable in the winter season.

The fragrances used: orange and cinnamon, Mandarin and vanilla, skiing (sandalwood, red cinnamon, paprika).

Bouquet “Spring of Sicily”: Recommended for those who love the shabby chic style and the boho chic.

This olfactory theme is suitable for any season.

The fragrances used: Lavender and honey, jasmine, broom, spring of Sicily.