Our Project Smells Sicilian

Ciurì” It is a project of scented decor absolutely made in Sicily, characterized by fragrances of Sicilian artistic perfumery for environments, handcrafted and embellished by the symbol of Sicily, the Trinacria.
In the packaging are involved ceramists and creative artists, all strictly Sicilian, who make unique and original packaging.
The project was born from the passion for perfumery and love for the wonderful land of Sicily by Francesca Giuffrida, Olfactory Consultant and promoter of sicilianity in all its expressions.
Peculiar characteristics that inspired the project “Ciurì“: the great capacity of welcoming Sicilians and the seductive fragrances of the most genuine products of the island.
Our fragrances embrace the most famous olfactory families (citrus, floral, woody, spicy, amber) and together with our scent diffusers create unforgettable atmospheres, rich in character and strong personality, to offer you a unique and extraordinary experience. These fragrances find their best location at high level accommodation facilities, which make the reception their strong point, and generally in all the environments of those who like to welcome their guests carefully and with a particular attention to the traditions of our island.
Odors, essences, perfumes have the unique power to arouse emotions, creating an “olfactory memory” and an indelible bond between emotional experience and reality.
The personalized service and the constant and careful care of the customer are our strong points. We propose and realize projects to personalize the fragrances, following the criteria of scented decor and a customized packaging, it to the needs of the environments. We also offer our customers the exclusive “smart” service, i.e. the possibility of refilling the fragrances and restyling the packaging of the products.
“The scent has a convincing force of persuasion of words, appearance, sentiment and will. One cannot refuse the strength of persuasion of the perfume, it penetrates into us as the air we breathe penetrates into our lungs, fills us, dominates us totally, there is no way to oppose.”

(Patrick Süskind, the Perfume-1985)