BAROCCO “Author’s Collection”

The overwhelming elegance of jasmine and the lashing vitality of citrus fruits interpret olfactively of the baroque heritage of the wonderful land of Sicily, in a riot of joy, an hymn to the sinuosity of the shapes.
Recommended to give light and vitality to large environments.

DAMANTI “Author’s Collection”
Mediterranean touches and sparkling arrangements. The sweetness of the Mandarin and the freshness of the fig leaves, for a fragrance with an intriguing and playful character.

DAMURI “Author’s Collection”
The majestic presence of the scent of jasmine in the warm Sicilian nights inspired this refined fragrance. The Amber notes and the opulence of the Jasmine absolute create an elegant and sophisticated olfactory décor.

SPRING OF SICILY “Author’s Collection”A fragrance that marks the awakening of the senses as a barefoot walk in a garden damp with dew, where you can breathe the first scents of the grass and the scents of wild flowers, symbol of the rebirth of nature in spring.

SCIARA “Author’s Collection”
Woody and spicy notes for a warm and intense unisex fragrance. Its very name, of Arab origin, encloses the essence of the energy flowing from the beating heart of the Earth.

ZAGARÌA “Author’s Collection”
From the tenacious and candid flowers of the citrus fruits of Sicily a fresh and delicate fragrance, which ranks among the most important notes of heart, as a sweet and enveloping caress.

A solar fragrance, in which the sweetness of vanilla is marred with the gentle roundness of the oranges of Sicily, spreading in the environment the most typical scent of this generous land.

An intriguing floral fragrance, a romantic bouquet of white flowers, which gently caresses the senses of all those who love the refined and sophisticated scents.

From the passionate meeting of flowers and spices, an aphrodisiac fragrance is born that stimulates with the spicy notes of cinnamon, the gluttony of our soul. Its full bodied and sweet aroma arouses memories and a feeling of return home.

LUCE (limited edition)
From the crystals of pink pepper comes a scent with hints of head, cedar wood and citrus, attractive and fast, that give freshness and a feeling of wellbeing that caresses the senses.

A soft and cutesy scent that gives serenity with a hint of romance. Lavender and Honey, a Ambrosia for poets and dreamers.