The kiosks are an institution in Catania, which dates back to the end of the 1800s. In fact they are a “refreshment point” from the summer heat (and not only), where fresh, refreshing and digestive drinks are served. Among the most traditional the “Acqua e zammù” (water and anise), among the most delicious the “Mandarino al Limone” (mandarin and lemon), among the most natural and refreshing the “lemon and salt Seltz.” And at these drinks the kiosks are dedicated three Ciurì fragrances: Mediterranean, Mandarin and Salted Lemon.

LEMON AND SALT “Author’s Collection”
A fresh and decisive fragrance, thanks to the well-balanced presence of lemon and pink pepper, bound in a mystical embrace with a note of incense. Created for those who love to face life with determination, lightness and a pinch of unpredictability.

Its fruity and fresh notes, cheerful as a ray of sunshine, come straight to the heart and stimulate the mind, giving serenity and a feeling of lightness.
A sparkling fragrance able to cheer up any type of environment.

Freshness and mystery, star anise, mint and citrus notes characterize this unique fragrance. An emotional dip in the essence of Sicily, able to refresh your senses in the warmer seasons.