Scented interiors by olfactory design
When it comes to “olfactory dècor”, it refers to the ability to furnish and perfume interior spaces creating special atmospheres.
The scent is usually the first feeling perceived when you enter a house, and what better reception we can offer to our senses if not that of a fragrance that will complete our aesthetic taste!
The house is in fact the mirror of our inner world narrated by the furnishing and the various complements but also by the fragrances that dress the environments, in a sensory contamination that involves the perceptual universe of each of us.
The scented dècor is therefore an art that requires the ability to identify a fragrance that gives character to each environment.
Our project suggests the right fragrance for every environment, evaluating the spaces, the dècor and the beneficial and emotional effects that can be evoked.


The secret to choosing the most suitable furnishing fragrance for your home is to rely on the emotions that arouses our olfactory perception.
The fragrance must also express the mood and energy that pervades every environment, creating the desired atmosphere.
The olfactory consultant it will guide you in an emotional journey to discover your senses and the scents of Sicily among the environments of your home/structure.


We think of a Olfactory path Through the various environments.
For common parts as inputs and living room, Where you usually welcome guests and maybe you eat meals you should opt for scented dècor solutions according to the season.
In spring you can give vivacity and cheerfulness with flowering fragrances Like the white flower bouquet, The Jasmine And the Orange blossom, or aromatic fragrances such as fig and smells typical of the Mediterranean maquis.
Citrus fruits, in particular the Mandarin, joyful fragrance that helps the relationships by creating harmony, are perfect for the summer season.
The Sandal And the Vanilla, relaxing and enveloping, will be preferred in autumn.
The hottest and most spicy aromas, Creating a welcoming and inviting environment, They will be suitable for the winter season.
To obtain a perception of the most intense perfume it is advisable to combine with the diffuser with Shangai (sticks) The use of the spray perfumer of the same fragrance.
In the kitchen it is preferable to use a stick diffuser that guarantees a gradual and constant fragrance, excellent both to counteract the unpleasant odors, and to create a welcoming atmosphere.
In the bedroom the Council is to alternate the lavender to reconcile peaceful sleeps, to floral notes such as Jasmine or woody like sandalwood, ideal for romantic evenings.
For the rooms it is advisable to use spray to modulate the scent according to the needs, so that the perception of the fragrance is not intrusive.
For the bath, Lavender is the best note, but also the Marine notes are great to counteract the bad smells and offer a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
Even for these environments it is advisable to have a constant fragrance with wands and the use of scented potpourri of the same scent and candles for moments of relaxation.
The choice of diffusers with Shangai in natural wicker and spray nebulizers to perfume the environments, is the healthier than the alternatives on the market, since they do not release volatile and irritant substances, possible causes of allergies.

Living room: Ciuri Ciurì Bianco – Damanti – Damuri – Zagarìa
Kitchen: Orange and Vanilla – Ciuri Ciurì Red – Mandarin
Bedroom: Ciuri Ciurì Red – Golden Lavender
Bathroom: Mediterranean – Golden Lavender – Sciara